DIY Mother’s Day Gift: “10 Things I LOVE About You”

Mother’s Day is coming up, and I have a fun little DIY idea for a cute and thoughtful mom gift that I wanted to share with you guys today: a jar full of notes of things you love about your mom!  What mother doesn’t like hearing why she’s the greatest, right?  I thought of this DIY because I wanted to give my mom something she would be able to appreciate years from now.  In 20 years, on a day where she misses me or is feeling blue, she can randomly fish through her jar and pull out a note that will make her smile. 😀


The materials you need to begin this DIY are:

  • Clear jar.  You can recycle pretty much any jar for this as long as it is a medium to large size.
  • Cardstock or colored paper.  I’m using two shades of pink and a purple, but feel free to use however many colors you would like.  I bought cardstock in a smaller size, but if you have large sheets be sure to cut them down smaller so they don’t take up too much space in your jar.  ALSO: If you do a jar with a sibling, you could each have your own paper color, so your notes are color coordinated!
  • Pen.  Duh.


Start by writing something you love about your mom on each piece of paper.  You can write something really heartfelt, funny, a compliment, or just write down a favorite memory of the two of you.  Then fold up your paper a couple of times.  Depending on the size of your jar and how big your pieces of paper are, you can do as many of these notes as you want.  For this jar, I am doing ten.


To decorate the jar, you’ll need:

  • A label.  I found this pack of “chalkboard-esque” labels at Michael’s on sale for $2!
  • Markers or pens.  I’m using gold and white paint pens on this label because it is black (and they are pretty!).
  • Ribbon.  I’m using a wide, woven burlap type of ribbon.
  • Scissors.



When tying the bow, I folded part of the ribbon in half to wrap around the neck so it wasn’t so wide there.  Then I just tied a bow like I was tying my shoelaces, and adjusted it until it looked the way I liked.  When trimming the ends of the ribbon, I folded them in half and cut upward toward the fold to create a chevron notch.


I also took a bit of pink card stock and a design scissor and cut out a piece to tape on the top of my lid, just because mine was covered with writing and sticker goo!  This is obviously optional, but it was a quick fix to “pretty” things up a little more.


Ta-da!  I love how the jar looks, isn’t the colored card stock so pretty mixed together?  This DIY is really easy and pretty quick to do too, so if it’s down to the last minute and you are still gift-less, this can still be done!

If you would like to see me making this jar, be sure to check out my newest video below!


  • Librarian Lavender

    That looks so great, what an amazing gift!

  • Natalie Loves Beauty

    Aw I love this! You have the most creative DIYs :) xo

  • Alina Ermilova

    Such a cute idea! I absolutely love it! <3

  • kiwifashionblog

    What a brilliant idea! I hope your mum loves this DIY gift from you <3

  • Michelle Nicole

    This is such a great idea! I’d totally do this for my grandma but she’d probably be to annoyed to even try to read any of them haha. Even getting her flowers doesn’t make her happy :p

  • Rose Paddington

    what a great idea, I have to do this!

  • Siham Hamdan

    This is soo cute! Best thing is that I feel this can be adapted to any other Holiday 😀 Thanks for the idea :) X

    | |

  • preety kaur

    i gave it to my mom.she loved it…….

  • perlasancheza

    I loved this! I can’t wait to do this next year!