Fragrance Love: Roses de Chloé

A great fragrance always puts an extra bounce in my step, and these days it is the new Roses de Chloé from Chloé.  Floral fragrances are some of my favorites, and Roses de Chloé smells like Ryan Gosling just showed up on your doorstep with 3 dozen long-stemmed freshly cut roses.  Do I have your attention now? 😉


Lighter and fresher than the original Chloé, Roses de Chloé has a predominantly rose scent, accompanied by notes of bergamot, heart of damask rose essence, white musk, and amber.  It is definitely a fragrance that lifts your spirits and puts a smile on your face… I even find myself sniffing my wrists throughout the day to enjoy it further.  Combined with a pink ribbon and glamorous bottle, this fragrance is wonderfully feminine and classy.  The bottle matches that of the original fragrance, except it has a pink ribbon (instead of cream).


My only complaint is that because this is an Eau de Toilette, it isn’t quite as concentrated and therefore fades a bit more quickly. After 8-10 hours of wear during the day, you may want to add an extra spritz if you are going out for the night!


I can already tell this will be one of my most loved fragrances of 2014.  I highly recommend giving it a sniff if you love the smell of roses!

Roses de Chloé retails beginning at $95(1.7oz) and is available through Nordstrom.

What fragrance are you loving at the moment?


  • Emily Woodard

    My favorite fragrance right now is Chance by Chanel. It’s my mom’s signature perfume, and it’s also one of those that I find myself sniffing throughout the day just to get that extra whiff. Though I don’t own it myself, whenever I’m at my mom’s place, I sneak a spritz from her bottle!

    • Allison Anderson

      Isn’t digging into your mom’s beauty stash the best? haha! Chanel Chance is one that has been on my fragrance wishlist for a long time now, it really is nice!

  • clairabelle0306

    The bottle is stunning, I recently gave my mum the original Chloe scent and she loves it. My curent fragrance of choice is Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, it’s amazing!

    • Allison Anderson

      LOVE Flowerbomb. The ultimate floral fragrance!

  • Claudia

    The pictures are beautiful and this sounds lovely. I’ve never smelt any Chloe perfumes before but now I really want to!

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the

  • Monica

    I love my Gucci Première, I been wanting to give this Chloé a try and also Chance by Chanel..

  • Liz

    I wore the original Chloe for my wedding 2 months ago. :) Love it!!!! It lasts all day (Eau de parfum)

  • Kendall Lynne

    Hey Allison! I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me to start up a blog. It’s very much in its beginning stages, but I’d really appreciate if you’d check it out! I love your blog and your youtube videos, you have such a great, approachable personality. Thank so much! -Kendall

    My blog is at

    yes I know i made up a word haha.

  • mageeski

    I’d love to have this! It looks beautiful and theres something so nice about smelling of roses.


  • Chelsea

    I’ve never smelled this perfume, but I love roses so I’ll definitely have to check it out! :)

    Chelsea |

  • Amaris

    I haven’t smelled this yet, but I love the Chloe Eau de Parfum :) I am loving Tresor Midnight Rose by Lancome … it’s the perfect mix between sweet and musky!

  • Dolce Vita

    Thanks so much for the post! I’ll have to check this out, it sounds perfect for me :) Plus, the fact that it fades quickly sounds great because heavy scents give me a huge headache.

    As always, I love your blog :)


  • Perla xMakeup

    I sounds amazing, I really like rose scents 😀

  • haley wilkerson

    I received a Jo Malone gift set for Christmas and one of my favorites is Blackberry & Bay – smells a little strong in the bottle but on the skin it smells wonderful!

  • londonhermit

    Who designed your new website?

  • Abby Evans

    I really want to try this fragrance, Chloe makes wonderful smelling fragrances.

  • Annika

    I was at the airport today and was quite tempted to buy this, but I’ll finish up my current perfume until I get this :) It smelt amazing! And I’m so glad you’re blogging again, love the design!

  • Amanda

    That packaging is just STUNNING!

  • Sammi Penni

    I love the smell of roses, so I definitely have to go give this a smell! Lancome Hypnose is and will probably continue to be my favorite perfume. It’s an Eau de Parfum, so the scent lingers around for awhile, but it’s not overly strong. It’s amber, vanilla, jasmine, and a few other notes. Very feminine, and I highly recommend checking it out!

  • kfc

    I am such a sucker for rose scents too and the fact that there is bergamot in it just makes it sound even better. I actually don’t care too much for the original Chloe but this one sounds promising, especially since I have been on the search for a good rose scented fragrance. I will definitely have to sniff this out next time I am at Nordies!

  • MissBrunzy

    So glad you are back to blogging!! I think I will pass on this because I am not a huge rose fan but it was still a nice read!

  • Rachel

    My mom has been wearing the original Chloe for over 25 years so I’ve never been able to wear it because I feel like I smell like my mom :) This might be a fun one to try. Sort of like staying within the same family :)

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  • Yuliya Olifer

    I love the different colored ribbon on the perfume bottle. Such a simple yet chic idea. Great post!

  • Kirsty Jones

    Just picked up a bottle on StrawberryNet – such a good deal! Love rose fragrances.

  • Alyshia

    This is definitely on my wishlist. I’ve been wanting it for so long, but not willing to dish out the money for it. Plus, they don’t even carry it anymore at the Sephora near me.