Getting Through the Hard Days


When we go through hard days, or weeks, or even months, it’s easy to let the little things slip through the cracks.  However, it’s an overwhelming feeling to have checked out for a week, only to realize your to-do list is now a mile long and you’re behind on everything.  When I’m having a day where I just don’t want to do anything, I motivate myself by making a really simple to-do list – and I mean really simple.  Tasks include things like making my bed, calling to schedule a regular doctor’s checkup, or doing a load of laundry.  Easy stuff.  Not only does this keep the dishes from piling up and the laundry basket from overflowing, but seeing the check marks fill up the page mentally tricks me into feeling accomplished, which then motivates me to tackle more, harder tasks that day.  It’s a great way to break me out of that “I can’t do anything today” feeling and boost my mood.

What are your tips for getting through the hard days?


  • Margaret Ohara

    This was a great post! Sending postive vibes and hugs to your mom!

  • Ella D

    loved this post allison, and i hope your mum is okay. My tip on getting through hard days are taking things really slow and doing them at my own pace not feeling like i have to rush through everything in an hour. it would mean the world if you checked out my blog as you inspired me to start it :)

  • Dressed with soul

    On such days routine helps me a lot and for sure like you mentioned a To-Do-List. Honestly I love it to have To-Do-Lists and when I did a job I scratch the regarding point the huge pleasure :) May the force be with you <3

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

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  • sisi

    I love having to do lists because it keeps me so organized and I love checking things off!

  • Nivika

    Hope your mum is ok

  • Peppermint Honey

    I think I need to try this. I have had a few weeks of this thanks to moving and not checking my planner (lie…I lost it for a while there because I am an unorganised and horrible packer). Will definitely be giving this a go. :)

  • Jennifer X

    I do this. Sometimes I forget, so thank you for the reminder!

  • nueyork

    I do this as well. It sometimes feels silly adding those items that are small or even maybe already completed that day to the list, but it definition does make you feel accomplished and is a great way to get motivated to check off those bigger tasks.

  • Siham Hamdan

    That is a great trick. I always do that for any little bit of work that I have and just the feeling of crossing out things relaxes me. Evernote is a pretty useful app but nothing will ever compare to the joy of crossing out words with a pencil from my notepad haha. Also, a little tea/coffee break just staring at the sky for a few minutes, that will always soothe me. X

    | |

  • Laura S.

    I write myself a really complicated to do list, but with simple tasks. I normally write out close to 50 tasks a day, ranging from simple (attend this lecture) to more complex (write, photograph and edit a blog post), and I find that having all of the possible tasks I can do for the day is comforting to me!
    xo, Laura

  • kylenrose

    I’ve been taking care of my mother, who like yours, is dealing with a stage four cancer situation. I basically do the same thing you do. I find giving myself a to do list or a schedule makes me feel like I have not only purpose, but control. And sometimes that is the best you can do. I always try to toss in something nice too- either a trip out to get coffee, or a Lush bath late at night, or an hour or so dedicated to reading.

  • melaniface

    I do this all the time not just on hard days. If I break down tasks into easier tasks I find I’m more inclined to do it. I also like to set a time for when I need to get out of the house. I find that way I accomplish as much as I can then leave. It lets me destress before I come back home & get back into it!

  • Ellie Schwartz

    When I’m having a bad day, I focus on doing some of my favorite things. From treating myself to my favorite drink at Starbucks, to taking a bubble bath, I think it’s very important to let yourself rest and heal.

  • shelly

    If I don’t have anything important to do, I’ll pop in a favourite film (Amelie is usually good for a pick-me-up), or put some music on, or something. Self-care is important.

  • Hannah White

    When I’m having a bad day, the worst thing for me to do is to be lazy around the house all day, even though that’s desperately what I want to do. If I do that, I will get to the end of the day and be upset with myself that I didn’t do anything, thus making me go to bed feeling in the dumps. I too am a list person and sometimes I just have to force myself to complete things on the list, even if they don’t immediately make me feel better. I know it will help me in the long run. Thank you for the honest, “real person” post.

  • Theresa D.

    I agree that completing simple tasks is a great way to regain your motivation. Then sometimes you just need to take the morning off and prep for a productive afternoon!


  • Miranda

    I like to do things I like on a day I don’t feel happy. So I sit down, read a book for an hour (or 3), and that winds me down, makes me happy, and most of the times after that the day isn’t so bad anymore

  • Stéphanie GB/MsBubu

    The little things are important. I know for me, if I Don’t do anything for a while I just feel useless! Yep, a load in the laundry can make you feel good on a crappy day!

  • Heidi Lindsley

    I love this idea! My go-to bad day fix is music and wearing really cute but comfy outfits :)

    x Heidi

  • Grace

    This is such a good tip! Thanks for sharing this, I’m in one of those moments now 😛

  • SJ

    I agree with Ellie, but then I find myself in the exact position you mentioned so yes, this is a great suggestion. Thanks.

  • Margery Ho

    Such a lovely helpful post! x

  • Becky : : accooohtrements blog

    i’ve been having a lot of hard days recently. i find a walk followed by a cup of tea, a cuddle & a film is the best cheer-me-up.

    becky ::

  • Sparklygoddess

    This is great advice because when I am having a hard day the only thing I want is to stay in bed all day and that is the only thing I shouldn’t do and it was really hard for me to find motivation

  • Zeynab M

    I try and focus on the good things in my life, and remember that the bad times are not forever and will eventually pass.

    Zeynab xx

    The Beautifully Disastrous

  • Maisie

    This is such a good idea and I think would work really well for blogging as I have been having a bit of a mind blank recently! Click the link to see my blogging tips!

  • Laura Ann

    I like to take 10 or 20 minutes to do a bit of meditation and I find that it just calms me down completely and helps me put everything back into perspective! There are so many great videos or apps that help

  • Susan

    I tend to procrastinate and when I’m not feeling my best I tend to feel overwhelmed by all the things I need to get done and don’t start them cause it just feels like way to much to tackle. One thing I’ve figured out is if I can spend 10 minutes doing something, that makes me feel accomplished. Usually getting a shower in or changing out of my pj’s is another big help.

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  • perlasancheza

    Thanks for this post! I have been having hard days too, I’m not sure what helps me get through them but I think making a list will help.

  • Marianna Neal

    You know… this may sound like a lazy solution, but I find that sometimes I just need to take what I call a “mental health day”. It’s a day when I step away from anything I don’t want to deal with, which sometimes includes leaving my phone on silent in the other room. I refuse to feel guilty about it, because the next day I will feel 100% more refreshed and ready to catch up on whatever I’ve missed.

    However, sometimes it’s just not an option. In that case I just make sure to do small things for myself when I can, simply because I feel like it. It could be a spontaneous hot chocolate from starbucks, taking a scenic route instead of the normal one, starting a new book, or going for a quick walk around the neighborhood. Anything to make me enjoy my day more, lighten my mood, and make me feel more in control of my life.

    I hope this helps :)

    Marianna |

  • Paige McKinnon

    When I am having a bad day I like to squeeze in some pampering time~ ^ v ^

  • Hannah

    I’ve been having a few more hard days than usual since school started again. Getting everything done as soon as I can helps me relax and so do baths of course. :)

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  • Khryzialyn Ciar

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