How To Clean Out + Purge Your Beauty Stash | #SpringCleaningWeek


Welcome back to #SpringCleaningWeek! For the second video of this mini-series, I’m talking about my tips for decluttering and purging your beauty stash… something I think we’ve all needed to do once or twice, right? 😉 Check out the video below!

  • perlasancheza

    I really loved the video! I’m trying to downsize my makeup collection too! It’s so hard though because they always come out with new products I want to try!

  • Kirstie

    Ahh, the beauty purge that I surely need to do >.< These tips are helpful and definitely inspiring to really get me to start cleaning my stash! =)

  • Maki from Prague

    Hi Allison, I’d like to ask you to take part in my research that I’m doing for my Master’s thesis. It’s about what influences the relationship between YouTube Stars and their subscribers. There are only 7 questions and it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes.

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    Your help will be much appreciated…
    Thank You

  • Ella

    So many lipsticks…you are so lucky 😀