How To Declutter + Downsize Your Wardrobe | #SpringCleaningWeek


It’s #SpringCleaningWeek on my YouTube channel!  I’m posting three videos this week on M/W/F that all relate to clearing out and cleaning out different areas of the home.  First up?  The closet, of course! Today’s new video is my tips and tricks for decluttering and downsizing your wardrobe.  Check it out below!

  • Ariel

    Yay, so excited for Spring Cleaning Week! Love that so many style trendsetters like you are supporting minimalism rather than overspending and over-consumption. I think this lifestyle very accessible to everyday people on a budget, and it’s great to think about choosing quality over quantity too! Plus having a clean space puts your mind at ease!

  • Kate

    This was such a great video with so many helpful tips. I would love to see some pictures of your closet, to get a better visual of how you organize.

  • Amanda

    Great tips and I’m excited to watch your spring cleaning series! I’ve recently cleaned out my wardrobe as well and am trying a capsule wardrobe. Have you ever thought about doing something like that? I’d love to see what your picks would be.

  • abby xxx

    These tips were so helpful! I’ve been meaning to clear out my closet for a while and this video gave me just the push I needed!

  • Jenna Meow

    I love this video. Especially the idea of focusing on what you love rather than what you need to get rid of. This week I have off from work and am going to focus on redoing my closet. BTW, I haven’t seen your cat in a video in a long time? Weren’t you talking about getting a second cat? I would love to see them. I have a cat health and style blog I think you would like :-)

  • jillianbain

    aw great video girl

    Jill xo

  • perlasancheza

    Great tips and video! I think they will really help me down size! 😀

  • Martha Braga

    So excited to watch those videos! I’m organizing my room and closet right now so it’ll help! :)

  • Amy

    Off topic- but what exact eye shadow are you wearing? And could you possibly do a new eye shadow tutorial of those pretty neutrals you wear?

  • itsal lglitter

    Where is that bag from? PLEASE HELP ME FIND IT!!

    • Leticia (Thee Limited Edition)

      I believe that is a Phillip Lim bag from the Target collection which unfortunately is no longer available

  • Billie Medina

    Hi Allison, saw you on New Day NW and your blog is really great. I was
    curious if you could answer a question I have. What do you suggest
    someone due with clothes that no longer fit them,but they are of good
    quality and are name brands. Do you have a place you go,or do you try
    and sell your old clothes? I have a lot of j.crew brand shirts and
    sweaters that no longer fit me. I am having a hard time parting with
    them, but they are just sitting in my closet.