Lazy Girls Night Chocolate Dipped Cookies

When it comes to relaxing, there are few things I love more than curling up on the couch for a night of tv and yummy snacks. I tend to lean more toward sweet treats over salty, such as cookies, candies, or basically anything chocolate – but sometimes I’m not up for putting a lot of effort into my dessert. So lately, one of my favorite fancy-but-not-fancy treats to whip up is chocolate dipped cookies – the lazy girl version. Instead of making the cookies from scratch, I buy the pre-chilled dough, then heat up some baking chocolate, dip, refrigerate, and voile! You can make them with any kind of chocolate you prefer, and for an extra touch, sprinkle nuts, crushed peppermints, or sprinkles on top!  They look like you spent way more time on them than you actually did.


Speaking of tv shows, Season 2 of TVLand’s Younger premieres this Wednesday, January 13th at 10/9c with a one hour episode!  I got hooked on the series last year as I’m a huge fan of Hilary Duff and was so excited to see her latest project – I’ve now fallen in love with the entire cast. The story is about a 40-year-old woman (played by Sutton Foster) pretending to be 26 in order to secure a trendy publishing job in Manhattan. She ends up in the social and dating circles of somebody in their mid-twenties, and the show has a really sexy, fun vibe, kind of like Sex and the City (no surprise as it’s from the same creator). It’s the perfect girls’ night watch and I’m not the only obsessed fan out there. Totally recommend if you (and your friends) are looking for a new juicy series to get sucked into!

What is your favorite lazy tv night treat?


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  • Lizzie Tillo

    So glad to see you posting! I’ve been a subscriber of yours for years and I just wanted to express how much I love your style/content. Your recommendations are always awesome, and your organization/minimalism has really inspired me, especially since I live in a city where space is expensive! Lol! Happy 2016, Allison! xoxo Lizzie

  • Kirstie

    These look f a b u l o u s. I’ll take three with my tea please! x

    Kirstie | Kirstie Pickering

  • Susan

    The TV series sounds like something fashion & beauty bloggers would love!

  • Niki

    These look SO good!

  • Nicole

    These look so delicious!! Definitely going to be trying this out very soon!

    The TV series sounds amazing! I am also a huge fan of Hilary Duff and I’ve missed her! So glad she will be coming back :)

    My lazy TV night treat is hot chocolate – basic, but SO yummy :)


  • Brittany

    These look amazing! Perfect for a girls night in. I totally got hooked on Younger too! I didn’t realize it had started back up, I need to go catch the last two episodes!

    Brittany |

  • Tina

    These cookies look really good…I feel like chocolate dipped oatmeal cookies would also be a win. Now I feel the need to bake!

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Nom! Perfect for any occasion, really 😉