• Allison

    great video, the clips matched up to the music so well, nice editing!


    • Allison Anderson

      Thank you!

  • Jill

    I loved it!!! You did such a great job w/ the footage and how you put it together!!! Looked like an amazing trip!!! :)

    • Allison Anderson

      Thanks!! :)

  • http://staciamia.blogspot.com.au/ Stacia

    What a gorgeous video!


    • Allison Anderson

      :) thank you!

  • Jacob Phelps

    absolutely gorgeous!


    • Allison Anderson

      Thank you! :)

  • Sterndli98

    It is such a beautifull video you’ve done!

    • Allison Anderson

      Thank you! I appreciate it :)

  • Katie

    Wow! Such a brilliant video – it has inspired myself to go travelling! Great job. xxxxx

    • Allison Anderson

      Thank you! Thanks for watching! :)

  • Dana

    amazing video! you have really good editing and photography skills 😉 What camera+lens did you use?

  • Coco

    Allison, I absolutely adore you and this video! I have watched this video over and over….it’s truly a masterpiece! Oh and I love your white headband! Where did you get it? I have been looking for months for one just like it! Thanks for sharing(;

  • Martina

    This is so gorgeous! Definitely giving me some wanderlust.

  • Deanna

    Hi Allison, great video of your vacation it looks like a dream vacation! I was wondering what kind of camera you used because the video looked crystal clear.

  • Anik M. Rahman

    Hi Allison, Probably the best travel video I have came across! What type of Camera/lens combination did you use to take the video clips? Please let me know! Thanks!