My Favorite Photo Editing Apps


With the popularity of Instagram, the App Store has become overloaded with photo editing apps to choose from. I’ve tried a lot of them – most I’ve had to pay for – and very few have impressed me enough to stay on my phone. My editing needs usually involve light/color changes, such as brightening, saturating, and filtering, so here are the apps I use almost every time I post to Instagram:

  • Afterlight: This is by far my favorite filtering app. If you prefer faded, washed out, dreamy filters, this one is beautiful. I’ve even paid the money for extra filters, and it was SO worth it.
  • Enlight: For more technical editing, this app is the most capable I’ve found. In addition to the basics, you can target certain areas of the photo to adjust separately, skew perspective, and so much more. If you really get into editing your Instagram photos, I highly recommend it.
  • PicFrame: An oldie but a goodie, I think this is one of the first photo apps I ever downloaded, and I’ve stuck with it for a reason: it’s easy.  It allows you to collage and flip photos in a variety of ways, which I mostly use for “mirroring” tricks like in this post.

You can see these apps in action on my Instagram account, @photoallison! What are your favorite mobile photo editing tools?


  • Kana

    Afterlight is amazing! I also love aillis! It’s super user-friendly with a ton of beautiful filters you can adjust! Xo

    • Allison Anderson

      Haven’t even heard of that one! I’ll have to look into it, thanks!

  • Liz | Lipstick & Confetti

    I haven’t tried these before, but I’ll definitely have to! Thanks for sharing :)

    xo, Liz

  • Brunette-ish

    I haven’t tried these, but I love Aviary and VSCO cam!


    • Allison Anderson

      Love Aviary for filters! It is probably my second favorite after Afterlight.

  • shelly

    My faves: Afterlight, Kitcamera (I also loved KitCam, which is no longer available, on which Kitcamera seems to be based), Mextures, Pixlr. I also tend to take most of my actual photos with Camera+, because it offers more control for some of the technical aspects.

    • Allison Anderson

      I haven’t tried Kitcamera, Mextures, or Pixlr! Going to check them out now, thanks!

  • Sisi

    I really love VSCO! And I love how it stores your pic in a grid, so you can see what your feed will look like before posting!

    • Allison Anderson

      I don’t have VSCO but I love the idea of getting to preview your feed, totally going to check that out, thanks! :)

  • Sophie

    I love Afterlight, it’s such a great app! Vsco is one of my favourites too!

    Sophie x | SophiesMakeupBlog

  • Brittany

    I’ve actually been quite impressed with the changes instagram has made to the app in terms of photo editing over the last year. I do use VSCO every once in a while but I mostly just stick with instagram for the ease! I do still use PicFrame every once in a while too. I’ll have to check out the other two you suggested!

    Brittany |

    • Allison Anderson

      I agree, Instagram has come a LONG way in the last year or so! I’m beginning to prefer some of their filters over the other apps, and I love that you can now post in different aspect ratios!

  • Parie

    I am always on the hunt for new apps to edit my photos, and I think these three are going to be the ones I test out next!

    Parie x

  • Jenna Meow

    Excellent, thank you for sharing!

  • Jackie

    These all sound lovely and I have a gift card and really want to get a photo editing app so after light might be one I get.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  • Lucy

    Afterlight is a great app for editing – I love VSCOcam for editing my photos!

    Lucy |

  • Noirette Diary

    I’ve heard so many great reviews about Afterlight, but I always stay true to VSCO Cam. I don’t even bother to choose among the numerous filters, I keep going back and forth between only two of them haha :) I love your Instagram account <3

    | |

  • Jess (It’s That Time for)

    Ah, I’ve never heard of Enlight. I’ll have to look it up since I’m always up for finding a new app! :) My favourites are VSCO cam and Adobe Photoshop Express at the moment. I tend to start off with VSCO and then head into Express xx

    Jess | It’s That Time For

  • Lucy

    I’ve also never heard of Enlight. I still use Pic Frame and experimented with Afterlight a little. I mainly just use the Instagram app though if Im honest! I might have to give them all another try :)

    Lucy x

  • Kaley Were

    Love! Thanks for sharing Allison!

  • Tricia @ A Couple of Dashes

    thanks for sharing! I just downloaded afterlight! one of my favorites is fitsnap!

  • Perla Sanchez A

    Thanks for the tips! I will be trying out Afterlight and Enlight because your pics always look great. I love your blog and videos!

  • Løstinparadise

    Thanks for your advices! A lot of people already talked me about afterlight. I’m finally gonna buy it because it seems so interesting :)

  • Myra Pimentel

    i love the set up for this picture with the plant and your iPhone!

    I’ve been really into making my instragram pictures to go together and have a “theme”

    my most used apps are VSCO cam & Picsart!

    i just started my own blog, maybe you can check it out? 😀


  • Kesha

    My favorite photo editing apps are Enlight, Snapseed and Facetune.