Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balms: Review + Swatches

After hearing people rave about them for months, I finally cracked and scooped up a bunch of the Revlon Matte and Lacquer Balms that released last fall.  I’m a big fan of the crayon-style lip pencil trend we’ve been seeing the last few years because I find that they are generally easy to use and wear on an everyday basis.  Revlon is one of my favorite brands when it comes to lip products, so I had pretty high hopes for these.



 I picked up five of the Matte Balm colors in shades that I thought would suit me best:

These balms come in plastic “twist-up” style packaging, and the first thing I noticed is the super creamy consistency.  The product glides onto the lips with such ease, and the finish is a velvety matte, as opposed to chalky or dry looking.  I find that matte lip colors will often emphasize lines or dryness in the lips, but these don’t at all.

Of the shades I have, Striking is the only one that is sub-par in application.  While the formula is still very creamy, it isn’t as pigmented as the other four, and goes on a little patchy.  The other colors are all very pigmented and apply evenly.

I find that these will wear well for about four hours on me if I’m NOT eating or drinking.  Once I begin eating or drinking, these wear off really fast.  The creamy finish seems to never quite set, which is part of what keeps the lip color looking so fresh after a few hours, but as soon as I press my lips to a glass, the product comes off really easily.  Otherwise, these wear really nicely on my lips and don’t leave much of a stain behind… just expect to re-apply after meals throughout the day!


mattebalms5wAudacious, Unapologetic, Striking, Showy, Elusive






Overall, I definitely recommend this line of lip products!  My favorites of the bunch are Audacious, Unapologetic, and Showy.  I was a little weary about Audacious being too orange for my fair complexion, but I fell in love as soon as I tried it on.  The Revlon Matte Balms retail for around $9 and can be found in drugstores, Walmart, and Target.

Have you tried the Matte Balms yet?  Which colors are your favorite?


  • Gaelle

    I really like the look of Audacious. It’s always sold out in local shop!

  • Lauren Schroer

    I love these! I have Elusive, Audacious, and Mischievous. Elusive has been my go-to everyday lip colour because it’s so wearable! Today I’m wearing Audacious :). I really want to pick up Unapologetic and Showy but it seems like every time I see them in a store the seals on them are broken and people have swatched/used them :( hopefully I find them soon though!

    Lauren // Lipstick & Lacquer

  • Abby Evans

    These seem like such great quality. They all look great on youm espevially showy, audacious, and unapologetic. I think Unapologetic is calling my name!

  • kiwifashionblog

    You have the cutest lips!! You are making me wanting to buy some too!! My fav is audacious! Such a vibrant and happy colour!

    • Allison Anderson

      Haha well thank you! :)

  • Allison

    I prefer the original balm stains to these because they require pretty much zero touch ups and aren’t drying

  • Sage

    The Elusive color looks beautiful on you and seems like it would be a good nude for fair skinned people! I will definitely have to pick that one up :-)

  • Coco

    I have a few of these. My faves are Show and Unapologetic xx

  • Chelsea Leigh

    They all look amazing on you. I own Unapologetic and Elusive, I love them!

    • Allison Anderson

      Thank you!

  • Amy G

    unapologetic is my favorite! it looks so good on you!

    • Allison Anderson

      Thanks! I love it too :)

  • Nadia

    I think you may have finally tipped me over the edge. I’ve been holding off on trying any of these for a while but they look just stunning on you!

    • Allison Anderson

      Haha I’m glad I can be an enabler! 😉 thanks!

  • ThoughtsofGlam

    These are great! I pick them up from Ulta when they run their buy one get on 50% off promos and combine it with their $3.50 off $10 coupon.

    Sephora is also having a great sale, 15% off!
    I posted the coupon on my site for those who didn’t get it

  • Perla xMakeup

    Great review Allison! I think my favorites are striking and elusive. I love your blog and videos!! 😀

    • Allison Anderson

      Thank you! Thanks for reading and watching! :)

  • Marianna Neal

    All of these look gorgeous on you!
    I’m also a fan of these matte balms – so far I have Striking, Standout and Audacious. I do agree that Striking doesn’t go on as smoothly as the other ones, but I still really like the shade and it definitely can be worked with.
    Audacious is my favorite at the moment, but looking at your swatches makes me think I’d really like Unapologetic as well :)
    Great review and photos!


  • Ella Hanover

    i loved this

  • A Beautiful Little Blog

    they all look great on you, Showy is my favorite.

  • Natasa T

    i have not tryed them but Showy and Elusive are my favorites. Great post!

  • Kate

    You look so stunning, seriously your photography is the best! I think I’m going to have to get elusive, it looks like such the perfect summer colour :)

    Kate xo //

  • Martha Braga

    Unapologetic is so pretty!! Nice review Allison!

  • Olivia Frescura

    Great swatches! Really want to try these.

  • Athena Politou

    Audacious and Elusive! Want!

  • Chelsea Pearl

    Those pinks are stunning on you!

  • Ella

    I love Elusive!! I want to get Showy looks great!

  • Holly McLoughlin

    I love the colours, they all look really pretty on you!

  • Meghan

    I just bought unapologetic today but I may have to go back for showy as well after seeing how nice it looks on you.
    Great post!


  • Tanvi Koushik

    Oooooh, Unapologetic looks sososo gorgeous! Lip crayons are the absolute best!

  • PlunderingDesire

    It’s funny, on almost all the reviews I’ve looked at Unapologetic looks like a relatively muted pink on the person wearing it, whereas on me it’s practically neon. Love it though :) x

  • Catherine Dream

    Look AHmazing on you, and love the matte look!

  • HushHush

    Amazing shades!! Love them all and want them all :)