Smooth Skin: Ole Henriksen Walnut Complexion Scrub

Recently I’ve been using the Ole Henriksen Walnut Complexion Scrub to keep my face nice and smooth.  I received this as a Christmas gift from one of my best friends (thanks, Alex!), and it is the first product I’ve ever tried from the Ole Henriksen brand.


Described as a “brightening foam exfoliant” suitable for all skin types, this scrub has a really nice nutty scent to it, and is sulfate and paraben free.


This scrub is definitely more gritty than I usually go for, but it doesn’t irritate my skin at all!  I use it about once a week, follow up with a good moisturizer and my face is left feeling super smooth and fresh.  I also like that it foams a little bit as I work it into my skin because it helps spread the product more gently, and everything washes off more easily.


Overall, this product is great at exfoliating.  If you don’t mind scrubs with a dense consistency, I would definitely recommend it!

The Ole Henriksen Walnut Complexion Scrub retails for $24 and can be purchased through Sephora.

What is you favorite exfoliant of the moment?


  • Sandra

    It looks really good and quite similar to my DIY scrub. I usually just mix some freshly finely ground almonds and put it some olive oil, honey and sometimes also a few drops of lemon juice. The mixture works perfect for removing my dry patches without irritating my skin.

    Sandra – The Puzzle of Sandra’s Life

  • Deena Imamura

    I love the Ole Henriksen line! Haven’t tried this one yet though; can’t wait to!

  • CupofSusan

    I absolutely love trying new skincare products and Ole Henriksen is on my list of brands to try.

    I want to recommend you REN Skincare – one of the skincare brands that is doing some good for your skin in a natural way! I recently got their jojoba micro bead purifying facial polish and it’s a great gentle exfoliant for the skin!

    Great review, love your new blog!

    Susan | SusanLoves…

    • Allison Anderson

      I keep hearing great things about REN Skincare, I’ll have to try them out :) thanks!

  • Kate

    This looks lovely! I mainly use a chemical exfoliator but sometimes I love to use a manual one to help with that froggy feeling skin!

    Kate xo |

  • Amicia Rai

    I haven’t tried any product from this line yet, but this looks very promising!
    Thanks for the lovely review! 😀

  • Jenna Doeleman

    Sounds good, I have dry skin and like to use a grittier exfoliate once a week and gentle ones every other day. Looks like you get a but for the price too, which is always so hard with great skin care.

  • Jill

    I love Lush’s Ocean Salt as an exfoliate for my skin. I know it’s harsh for some people but I think it does a great job at getting my face so smooth!

    • Allison Anderson

      Ocean Salt is one of my favorites, especially for using on my body! Love the smell! :)

  • Selena

    Love this scrub! It’s my favoite and a close second is a scrub by Alba. This scrub leaves my face feeling so soft and smooth, but feels gentle on my skin. That’s what I like about all of his products that I’ve tried. They are very effective, but gentle on the skin. I also love the truth serum and the african red tea cleaser :).

  • Rachel

    For a gentle exfoliation I quite like the Elemis Gentle Rose one :)


  • mascarawarriorblog

    I haven’t been really into exfoliating scrubs recently… I’m all about that chemical exfoliation. Since I found out that it was possible for scrub particles such as crushed walnut hulls pieces could irritate the skin with their jagged, irregular edges, I became too paranoid and switched to scrubs with particles that dissolve as you massage them in, like a sugar or salt scrub.

    However, I have the Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner and I’m absolutely in love with it. I use it twice a day and it’s great, gentle chemical exfoliant. It’s really helped fade my hyperpigmentation, even out my skin tone, and smooth my skin! I highly recommend it, since it’s so widely available in drugstores and isn’t that big of an investment. I’m almost done with my first bottle, but I know for a fact that I will be repurchasing it!

  • Abby Evans

    I was expecting this to look really chunky, but the texture looks really nice! Not at all like I would have expected.

  • Karen

    My favourite is the Deep Cleaning Scrub from Neutrogena but I’d love to try something like Ole Henriksen or by Michael Todd in the near future.

  • taravat76

    I love the exfolikate by kate sommerville, because it feels tingly like you are getting equally great physical and chemical exfoliation. I bought the $20 (it’s a baby! 0.5 oz!!) size during Sephora VIB. You need such a small amount, and its one of the products I use only on special occasion when I really want my skin to look amazing or just give myself a great treatment. I will repurchase, unless someone can recommend a similar and less expensive product. :)