The Harry Potter Studios Tour London | Throwback Thursday

My Dad and I took an extended trip through Europe last December (lots of posts about it starting here!), and one the highlights was visiting the Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studios just outside of London.  Reading the Harry Potter series while growing up, I dreamed of being a student at Hogwarts, so I was beyond excited to be taking a tour of the real sets – just ask my Dad, who was such a pal in tagging along and putting up with my fangirling all day.

The tour begins in the Great Hall.  We happened to be there just days before Christmas, so everything was decorated for the holidays.  The real costumes the actors wore in the movies surrounded the room as well.




We also got to see the sculpture and costumes from the Yule Ball!  So beautiful!


One of my favorite parts of the tour was Diagon Alley – such a fun and creative set!  Let’s see, what do I need for my first year at Hogwarts?  I better pop into Ollivander’s and get a wand! 😉



We also got to see the real Hogwarts, which is a magnificently intricate model that was designed for exterior shots of the building.  It spans over 50 feet wide and contains 2500 fibre optic lights to simulate lantern torches and students inside.  The detail is incredible, what a masterpiece!






Additonally, we saw Dumbledore’s office, the Gryffindor common room, and the boys’ dormitory.




Need a wand?


Here I am enjoying my first glass of Butterbeer! It’s a cream soda concoction that was just a little too sweet for my taste, but when in Rome, right?






The whole day was such a blast. We got to learn so much about the films and how they were made.  If you are a fan and ever in the London area, I cannot recommend the experience enough. It was an entire day of “pinch me” moments!

Oh, and I hit the gift shop… HARD.  EXPECTO PATRONUM!!!!


xxx 😀


  • Andrea T

    this is beyond amazing! I SO want to do that! :) I feel like I’m too old, but I grew up with them. I’m trying to visit Disney at least to check some of it out! Seems like you had a blast – your dad is a trooper going with you! :)

  • Michaela B

    Wow, it had to be a great experience! When I was young I visited Disneyland and it was also very cool. And the last picture made me laugh 😀

  • Sierra Porter

    I’m so jealous, I would love to go there someday! It looks like you had a blast! :)

    xx Sierra

  • Melody Ramos

    OMG, I need to go there so bad! #bucketlist

  • Alina Ermilova

    Wow! This place is absolutely amazing! <3



  • Laura S.

    The end photo makes it. I love it!
    xo, Laura

  • Alli Stewart

    What a great #tbt! I loved reading about your European adventures last winter. :)

    London is my favorite city, and the Harry Potter Experience seems like reason enough to go back! I would probably just absolutely lose it considering that I shed happy tears upon seeing Hogwarts at Universal in Orlando…

  • Jade Morriss

    I’m still dying to go to these studios – it looks like you had a blast!
    Bits & Bobs

  • Courtney

    Where is your coat from? I love it!

  • Jamie

    It’s so that you got to visit the Harry Potter studios in London!

  • Margery Ho
  • nueyork

    This is definitely on my bucket list, it looks like such a good time!

  • charlotte samantha

    This looks like so much fun! I cant wait to go!

    Charlotte //

  • sisi

    This is so awesome! I totally want to go here one day!

  • Sophie

    Such lovely photos! I loved visiting the harry potter studios, I want to go back again now! x


  • Claire

    Gorgeous pictures as always Allison, you make a beautiful witch! :)
    xxx Claire

  • melaniface

    I went there earlier this year & it is as great as you say it is! I love your photo’s :)

  • Tabitha @Coffee, Wine and Wand

    It looks amazing! We are planned to go there in the next couple years. I can’t wait.

  • Miranda

    That is soooo cool! Really want to go there someday, going to warn the boyfriend that one of the next holidays will be England 😀

  • Hannah

    This looks amazing! I’d love to go to any part of London. I can totally see how incredible it would be to see all of that close up! :)

    Watching for Pigs on the Wing

  • Deanna

    i’m going this december, these pictures are making me antsy to go!