The New Jouer Long-Wear Creme Mousse Eyeshadows + Primer

Along with a new season comes all kinds of fun beauty launches, like the new Long-Wear Creme Mousse Eyeshadows from Jouer that landed on my doorstep recently. I’m a big fan of cream shadows and at first look couldn’t get over how gorgeous these are! The release features six colors in celestial themed shades and a Long- Wear Eye Brightening Primer.


The first thing I noticed about the eyeshadows was the finish… these shades sparkle.  Full of shimmer, colors include Moonlight (soft gold), Starlight (champagne pink), Galaxy (soft bronze), Night Sky (olive bronze), Dusk (plum brown), and Twilight (navy charcoal).  The new Eye Brightening Primer comes in a medium nude cream shade that reminds me a lot of the MAC Painterly and Nubile Paint Pots, some of my favorites!

The formula and feel of the Creme Mousse Eyeshadows was surprising: light and spongy with a bit of “bounce” to the product.  It applies nicely to the lids with just my fingers, and the pigmentation is good, though I did find myself building it up a bit with the darker shades (Dusk especially) for a more solid color.

The Eye Brightening Primer comes in a tube with the click-twist up packaging and a sponge tip.  It passed the test wear-wise, my eyeshadows were creaseless and long lasting!  I don’t feel like it performed any better or worse than my other favorite primers, and the price is about the same ($24) so it’s really a matter of preference on this one.  I like that the color covers up any veining on my lids, but I didn’t notice any “brightening” effects, as its name suggests.

jouer_2014fall2Moonlight, Galaxy


jouer_2014fall4Night Sky, Twilight, Dusk


jouer_2014fall7Long-Wear Eye Brightening Primer

While glitter is pretty, it’s usually a nightmare ingredient in beauty products. I was ready to see major fallout, fading and creasing in these shadows, but they wore so well, I couldn’t believe it. The glitter actually stays on. In place. It’s a miracle. Even crazier, I tried these without any primer just to see how they would wear, and they had minimal creasing even without a base (though to be clear, I would still recommend using a base with these). I usually layer powder eyeshadows over cream shadows, but it would be a shame to do so with these because the finish is so beautiful. A wash of Starlight makes my lids sparkle, literally! Galaxy and Night Sky are fantastic for easy bronzy smoky eyes. The only shade I was underwhelmed with was Dusk, which is very dupe-able with more of a traditional frost finish on the sheer side.  I would prefer to layer something like MAC Satin Taupe over it!

jouer_2014fall8Moonlight, Starlight, Galaxy, Night Sky, Dusk, Twilight

The price tag on these shadows is pretty hefty ($30), especially compared to some cream eyeshadows from other brands.  However, I cannot think of another line of cream shadows with this sort of sparkle and finish to them, so if you’re looking for some great glam eyeshadows heading into the holiday party season and don’t mind the splurge, these are for you!  I don’t see myself reaching for these on more casual days because of the extra sparkle, but they’ll certainly get some use with holidays right around the corner. The standout products for me are the Starlight, Galaxy, and Night Sky eyeshadows.  Big thanks to Jouer for sending these my way!

Do you like wearing sparkly eye looks?  I used to wear them more often when I was younger, but these days I tend to reserve them more for special occasions.


  • Alina Ermilova

    These are such a beautiful colors! I tend to go for matte eyeshadows more often, but I also like to experiment with shimmery ones from time to time 😉



  • Yolennie

    Those shades are so natural and beautiful! Thanks for the review <3


  • Cindi

    Those are all beautiful colors. I really like Moonlight, Galaxy, and Dusk on your swatches. I have a lot of creams shadows already and trying to use them up before they dry out, so not in the market for more creams but I really do like these colors. I wonder if they make them in a powder which has a much longer shelf life?

  • nueyork

    These are all such pretty colours. I really love cream shadows and am excited to hear Jouer have some!

  • Emily Shea


  • Kathleen

    They’re currently having their F&F sale! 25% off until Monday! The code is “FFLOVE” :)

  • Sparklygoddess

    Based on your swatch I would like them to be just a tiny bit more pigmented my fave is Starlight

  • Siham Hamdan

    They’re so pretty, I like that they’re not super bold so they can looks great with dark lips, that made me think about the holiday party season too :) x

    | |

  • Laura S.

    I think these look great for a special night out look, but I’m with you, a bit too sparkly for everyday!
    xo, Laura

  • Miranda

    very pretty, but a little bit to much for the day time

  • Margery Ho

    These look gorgeous! x

  • etcGabrielle

    These look gorgeous, my favourites are Dusk and Galaxy. These would be great for a special occasion or a night out, especially as they cost $30

    Gaby // etcGabrielle

  • Hannah

    The pinky color, Starlight, is so pretty. I love a little sparkle sometimes even though I hardly wear eye makeup I can’t help but be attracted to them! :)

    Watching for Pigs on the Wing

  • Amanda Rosson

    Bit of a splurge, but my goodness these are GORGEOUS!!!! xx