Happy BLOGTOBER! + Essie Roarrrrange

blogtoberCame across this tree in Central Park a couple of years ago… isn’t it beautiful?

Happy October, or should I say… Blogtober?! I’m going to be posting on this blog every day in October in a series called “Blogtober.” I did this a few years ago on my old blog and it was a lot of fun, so I’m excited to be doing it again this year.  Expect lots of beauty reviews and lifestyle bits – I also have some big things happening with me toward the end of this month, so it’s a perfect opportunity to blog a little extra!


In the spirit of October, Halloween, and all things Autumn, I thought I’d share one of my favorite orange nail polishes with you today: Essie Roarrrrange (<< best name ever).  Oranges are very tricky on my fair complexion, but something about Roarrrrange just works.  It’s a medium orange creme with slight tomato-red undertones that makes a bold pop of color on the nails.  When I purchased this, I expected it to be one of my “toes only” colors, but I actually prefer it on my fingers!  The formula is excellent as well – two coats is plenty for full opacity.

Are there any nail polish colors that are “tricky” to wear on your skin tone?  Oranges, yellows, and greens are probably the hardest for me to make work!


  • http://jacquiesconfessions.blogspot.com Jacquie G.

    This is such a pretty orange!! I have always been a little scared about if orange would work for me

  • Austin Wong

    Happy October Allison!

    • Allison Anderson

      Happy October!! :)

  • Bruna Lordello

    This is a very beautiful orange! Does it last?

    • Allison Anderson

      It has typical wear for an Essie polish… about 4-5 days on me if I’m good and don’t chip it off 😉

  • http://haveaparade.com Lindsay Weimer

    Yay I’m excited to see all your October posts, so fun!
    That color is beautiful, it’s a perfect pumpkin orange. Love it!

    • Allison Anderson

      Thanks! :)

  • Norah Coughlin

    Absolutely love this orange! It’s a color I have trouble pulling off, but I am going to have to give this a try!

  • http://www.impressionblend.com/ Marianna Neal

    i’m so happy to hear you will be blogging every day! Looking forward to all of the posts :)
    Wow, now THAT is an orange shade—so vibrant! Love it! How is the wear on it?

    Marianna | http://www.impressionblend.com

  • http://rkush.blogspot.com Rebecca Virginia

    i love your blogs! tried to comment earlier but i don’t think it went through! I am so inspired by you and have decided that I also will be blogging everyday!!!


  • Maggie

    This sounds so wonderful! I hope to see a video of you cutting a pumpkin!( Not sure that be very makeup related but it would so festive). I am thinking about doing this on my blog!

  • http://nueyork.blogspot.com nueyork

    I can’t wait to see how you go with blogtober!


  • Mandy

    A post everyday of October?! Yay, so looking forward to it!


    • Allison Anderson

      😀 thanks!

  • http://www.modernbeautygirl.blogspot.com/ sisi

    whoo! I can’t wait for new posts from you! and that orange suprisingly looks really nice! I usually stay far away from oranges, but that one is actually really pretty!

  • http://Avaaz.org Glory Eriksen Gupta

    This message is regarding your Heart to Heart post. Please go back to that page and read my comment to you. I don’t want to spam up your blog, I just want to actually get through to you. :) <3

  • http://distritobelleza.com Cindy Virgen

    Can’t wait to read your daily post :)

    Distrito Belleza

    • Allison Anderson

      Thank you!

  • http://endlesspostcards.wordpress.com/ Deepti @ Endless Postcards

    I’m doing Blogtober too (but I’m following a list of prompts because it’s my first time doing something like this and I don’t want to run out of ideas.) Beautiful nail color!! For me, I find it difficult to pull off pastels. Looking forward to your posts!

    • Allison Anderson

      Thanks! :)

  • http://travelnote-s.blogspot.cz/ Michaela B

    I love blue and green nails, but I always try them and than skip again to my pink ones. It just look so weird on my nails. I am looking forward to your blogtober :)


  • Miranda

    I’ve got to be careful with blues. But I just bought one from Essie, a really dark blue, hopefully it will be pretty :)

  • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki

    This is such a pretty color for fall!

  • http://www.ohheyblog.com Oh Hey Blog // Megan Denton

    Pumpkin perfect :) Plus you are really neat. I can’t photograph my nails because they turn out nothing like yours. More power to you!!

    • Allison Anderson

      Haha well thanks! Years and years of practice I guess :)

  • Deena

    I love Blogtober! I’m going to use your image (with credits, of course!) on my blog if that’s ok :) Loved your youtube and blog for years! Thank you for always being mature and relateable!

  • Allison

    that polish!!! LOVE IT! the tomato-y undertone is gorgeous
    Allison from http://www.mercuteify.com

  • Emily

    Love this color because I feel orange nails in the fall are the perfect transition away from the pinks and corals of summer. It looks great on you!


  • Laura S.

    I’m so excited for BLOGTOBER! Can’t wait to stop in everyday!

    xo, Laura

  • http://www.missjjan.com/ MissJJan

    yay blogtober! XD some orange polishes sure are tricky! but this essie one looks so pretty on you <3 http://www.missjjan.com/