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The last time I was browsing through Barnes & Noble, I was excited to see a book written by one of my favorite actresses, Lauren Graham. Don’t you love when you find out one of your favorite celebs has written a book?  Into my “to-read” stack it went, and this month I finished it.


“Someday, Someday, Maybe” is the story of Franny Banks, an aspiring actress who moved to New York City under one condition: she must achieve a successful career within three years – otherwise, she has to give up the dream.  It’s January 1995, six months before her deadline, and Franny is waiting tables more than booking acting gigs.  Is starring in an ad for ugly Christmas sweaters success?  Her only hope is the upcoming showcase for her acting class – the class with flirty, successful James Franklin – where she’ll be performing for people in the industry who can hire her.  Living paycheck to paycheck, Franny is determined to fulfill her hopes and dreams, and even find love, in the Big Apple.

I really enjoyed this story.  I love that it is set in 1995, where technology is lacking and times are different. Between trying to give up junk food and acting “cool” around the cute guy in class, Franny is likable and relatable.  If you are looking for a light, fun read, I recommend this one!

On a related note, this story is currently in development for a series on The CW, with Lauren Graham and Ellen Degeneres as Executive Producers!  I hope it gets picked up!

Have you read anything great lately?


  • Fifi

    I spotted this book in a book store in Zurich when I was on holiday. I wanted to read it because I’m a big fan of Lauren, and her book did not let me down, Definitely an easy read, but still really enjoyable, I think :)

  • http://imaniqbal.blogspot.com Iman Iqbal

    Never heard of this novel before but it sounds quite good! Looks like it’s right up my alley :) Please do a reaction to the finale of Pretty Little Liars!!

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  • Maggie

    Ive been wanting to try this book! Its always helpful when someone else recommends it! Hopefully soon you can do a books ive read video!


  • Lara de Mercy

    I only discovered this by chance, too! I am a huge gilmore girls fan and loved it in my teenage years so when I read “Lauren Graham” on the cover I couldn’t believe it! Will definitely be getting it and reviewing it soon on my blog as well- reading into it a bit, I really liked the tone of it as well :) xx

  • http://nueyork.blogspot.com nueyork

    This sounds really good, I’m a sucker for chasing your dreams type-books!


  • Jennifer Eby

    I loved the book and was happy to hear she is working on another. I heard she reads the audio book and it almost makes me want to get it and listen. :)

  • http://www.coffeewineandwanderlust.com/ Tabitha @Coffee, Wine and Wand

    I would love to see this book as a TV series! I hope it gets picked up too.

  • http://haveaparade.com Lindsay Weimer

    This sounds like a quick, fun read. I’m currently about halfway through If I Stay. I love it so far, but oof, the feels! Definitely need to keep a box of tissues close by.
    <3 Lindsay

  • haitai

    I want to read it since you recommended it and it’s awesome that it going to be made into a tv show

  • Sara

    Love reading. This sounds great I’ve added it to my wishlist!

    Love your blog, now following on bloglovin’ :) would love it if you checked out my latest post xx