My Best Hair Care Tips


Having long, color treated hair has taught me the importance of good hair care. If I neglect my strands, things get dry, damaged, and lackluster pretty quickly. Here are my top tips for maintaining my best hair.

  • Don’t overwash. Thankfully, we’re living in the era of dry shampoo, where skipping a wash (or three) is feasible. I consider the health of my hair by thinking of a single strand: if I soak, scrub, dry, and iron one strand of hair 365 times in a year, it’s bound to show some wear… multiply it times an entire head full and that’s the health of my hair! I always skip a day between washes, sometimes two, depending on my workout schedule.
  • Only blow dry 90% of the way. I always have to use a dryer on my hair – I was not blessed with texture that dries well naturally. Because I’m always using a dryer, I focus on my roots and work my way down until my hair has just the slightest feel of moisture left to it. This way, I know I’m not drying it out until it feels like straw.
  • Avoid ironing the ends. Hair is generally dryer at its ends where it doesn’t get much natural oil from the scalp. When I’m using an iron on my hair, I try to leave the bottom 1/2 inch untouched, so I’m not sizzling the tips. And because I skip washes, I’m able to extend the style an extra day or two.
  • Condition, condition, condition. I swear by the results of a great hair conditioner. In the shower, I use a moisture-rich, deep conditioning formula like the Pantene Expert Pro-V Intense Hydration Conditioner and leave it on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing – the concentrated formula makes my hair instantly soft. Bonus: you can snag a coupon for this conditioner and other P&G products here!
  • Get your vitamins. Whether you consume them through foods or supplements, adding some hair-friendly vitamins to your diet can make a big difference in hair health. These include Biotin, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E, and there are lots of hair/skin/nails specific vitamins out there – some come in gummy versions!
  • Be cautious with color. In the past, I have done some serious damage to my hair with color processing – specifically with bleach. I’ve made the mistake of wanting to switch my color up too frequently, from lighter to darker back to lighter, and the process wreaks absolute havoc. Once, I went from dark to light and there were literally chunks falling out as the bleach took its toll – YIKES. I try not to switch my color up too often, and if I’m getting roots touched up, I make sure my stylist isn’t pulling the bleach down through my strands.

What are your top tips for maintaining great hair?


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  • manu Gmz

    Yeah, I thought the Pantene was the best conditioner ever, until I found Nashi…<3

  • Kiss & Make-up

    I managed to cut my washing down from every other day to once every four days, woot!

  • Samantha @

    I try not to wash my hair as much as I can and I’ve also cut down on straightening my hair as often as I did before. Now it’s much healthier :) Thanks for the tips!

    Samantha |

  • Haishan Wu

    Great tips!!! That is a beautiful photo!!

  • Noirette Diary

    You look beautiful in the photo! I’ve realized that not washing my hair every single day definitely made it look (and feel) better, it took a long time to give up on the washing but I’m glad I did! x

    | |

  • sweetlysally

    Great post! I will have to take the blowdrying technique into account…. I tend to overuse the blowdryer sometimes! Also! I was wondering if you could do a post on the logistics of your youtube and blog. AKA what equipment you use to film, what programs you edit your photos with, what hosting service you use for your blog, etc! Thanks!

  • bbf
  • Berkleys Boutique

    I just started learning to not wash my hair every day!! Also, I always over use my blowdryer so thats a great tip! Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  • linda janson

    thanks for sharing the tips to have beautiful hair
    i neglected some beneficial steps all these years

  • Cosset Moi

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