Traveling Europe: London, England

After a wonderful time in Paris (read about it here!), my Dad and I caught a train to the final destination on our European adventure: London.  I’ve dreamed of visiting this city my entire life, so I was so excited to experience it for the first time.



We stayed just down the street from Buckingham Palace, so our first morning there we walked over to watch the Changing of the Guard.  This ceremony takes place every other day at 11:15 AM, and signifies the official handover of responsibility for the military security of the Royal Palaces in London.  It included horses, flags, and instruments, and at the end the band even played some Christmas carols for us!





Here is the beautiful Victoria Memorial in front of the palace, and as you can see, we had a perfectly blue sky and sunny day upon us!


From Buckingham Palace we hopped on one of the big “hop-on-hop-off” buses and took a ride through the city to sightsee.

bigben2awBig Ben

westminsterabbeywWestminster Abbey

trafalgar3wTrafalgar Square

trafalgar2wTrafalgar Square

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time in London to thoroughly see everything, but one of the places we were sure to spend some time was the Tower of London, a historic castle on the north bank of the river in central London.  The fortress began construction with the White Tower back in 1078, and over centuries grew to a set of buildings surrounded by defensive walls.  We took the hour-long tour inside, and even saw the Crown Jewels (though they didn’t allow photos of the jewels… bummer!).



Near the Tower of London is Tower Bridge, consisting of two towers tied together by a horizontal walkway above it.  Beautiful!



Our other days in London were quite rainy, so I left my camera safe and dry in the hotel room.  Overall, we had a fantastic time sightseeing, Christmas shopping, and enjoying the food.  We even got a hang of the tube!!

There was one last little stop on our trip just outside of London… the Harry Potter Studios Tour!  I feel it deserves a dedicated post, so stay tuned for that one! :)

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  • Jolien Nathalie

    I’d like to know your opinion on European people! You’ve done quite a trip!

    In Belgium you can take the train to London, I have never been but I cannot wait to go! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures with us! :) <3

  • sincerelymyngan

    I have been loving all of your travel posts and seriously am making Europe a bucket list trip. I especially can not wait to see your post on the Harry Potter studios. It is my dream to go there.

  • Chelsea Leigh

    Lovely pictures, can’t wait to visit London myself!

  • Pinja

    London is definitely my favorite city in the world!

  • Devyn Hinchee

    London is one of my favorite places ever! We stayed at the Grosvenor Hotel the first time I went and it was amazing! Just down the street from Buckingham Palace and so centrally located. But I have never done the Harry Potter Studio Tour, so jealous! Looking forward to your post! :)

  • melaniface

    Ah, I am going back to Scotland on Monday & then visiting London again after that and I am so excited. I love it there!


  • Emily Attwood

    London is one of my favorite places! I studied abroad there & you captured it’s beauty perfectly. I hope you had an amazing time!

  • Madelaine Knight

    It’s been fun reading these Europe travel posts as I’m currently studying abroad in London so it’s nice to get new ideas of places to explore. I loved visiting the Tower of London as well, so much history! I’ve also been keeping a record of my adventures on a travel blog so family, friends and anyone who wants to get ideas of things to do can read. Have a little read if you like!

  • Zazie Bibi
  • Sara Tobi

    what camera did you use? Your pictures are gorgeous!

  • Kathleen Walpole

    You saw so much even with your limited time! Hope you had a blast!

  • Rhea X

    Los incredible, such great photos. I hope to travel to England soon! Xx

  • Laura

    I went to London and Paris in 2005 and I’m getting so nostalgic looking at your photos! London is such a beautiful, culturally rich city and it was by far my favorite!

  • Beyond Blush

    Looks like you had an amazing time! :)


  • Marianna Neal

    Beautiful photos! I’ve always wanted to visit London and England in general. I really hope I’ll have a chance to go one day.

  • Katie

    My friends and I are starting to plan our dream Europe trip for next year and these Europe posts are so exciting and inspiring! I love your photos!

  • Miss Joi

    I really want to see the changing of the guards!