Sun, Sand, and Ghost Towns in Turkey

The sparkling waters in the cove of Hillside Beach Club in Fethiye, Turkey.

I’ve heard very little about the Turkish coast, and I was entirely unaware of just how stunning it is until recently. When I think of the Mediterranean, the first place that comes to mind is Greece. I can’t scroll for a minute on Instagram without seeing someone on holiday in Santorini, and for that reason, I feel like a lot of other Mediterranean spots get underrated - like Fethiye, Turkey.

I received an invitation to a blogger week hosted by Hillside Beach Club in Fethiye and leapt at the opportunity. A quick Google search returned details of celebrity guests (Daniel Craig!) and images of sparkling water, so with a resounding YES, I marked my calendar and prepared to soak up some sun.

Aerial drone shot of the Hillside Beach Club beach and dock.

One of the items on the itinerary was visiting the ghost village of Kayaköy - about a 30-minute drive from the resort. Looking at the ruins, it’s hard to believe that Kayaköy was a thriving community of over ten thousand inhabitants just 100 years ago. Before the Greco-Turkish war drove everyone out in the 1920s, it was a place where Christians and Muslims had lived harmoniously since the 14th century: the Christians were artisans and the Muslims were farmers.

Exploring the ruins of Kayaköy

One of my favorite parts of my stay at Hillside was my room - an open air space with a gorgeous view over the water, a bamboo curtain to the bathroom, and french doors leading to the bedroom. The resort is situated on a hill and the rooms are stacked, so everyone gets a water view!

Balcony view from Hillside Beach Club
The Hillside Beach Club pool.

Floating docks, coconut cocktails, and crystal clear turquoise water were everything I needed to relax and catch some much-needed Vitamin D. Sadly, I didn’t see Daniel Craig, but I still had the best time! Huge thanks to Hillside Beach Club for the invitation. Now I need to make another trip back to explore the rest of this beautiful country.

Check out my video below to see more of this trip. Have you been to Turkey?